Serengeti Safari

An exciting 9 day excursion that places you right in the action of “The Great Migration”. This photo safari is designed to observe the end of The Great Migration, away from the summer busy months that’s often crowded. As a result, we ensure our group gets unique shots, and a better choice of angles to provide a more memorable experience.

During week 2 of our tour, we depart Mara and fly to the Serengeti to rendezvous with our Tanzanian team. Our accommodation  features a unique location that witnesses the Wildebeest Migration that takes place from December to April every year. We will be scouting the Serengeti for unique game viewing and photography opportunities.

We then travel to Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a unique haven that features over 20,000 animals thriving in perfect conditions that has often been referred to as the “Garden of Eden”. In addition to a breathtaking view of a coffee plantation, we get up close with a game drive at the Ngorongoro Crater.

Elephant Herd Photo Safaris

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