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Africa Safari Lecture gets press coverage

Almost forty years ago, during my high school years, my photographs made their debut in the public sphere in the UK. Showcased as part of an exhibition, they attracted the interest of numerous newspapers, giving my career an early push and reinforcing my dedication to photography as my chosen vocation.

In 1985, I received a commission to document safari camps and wildlife in East Africa, marking the start of a multi-decade engagement with the region. This experience became a cornerstone in my ongoing involvement with East African landscapes and wildlife.

This laid the foundation for Exposure Tours, sharing the exhilarating photo safari experience with fellow passionate photographers.

During a recent photography workshop, I took a detour in the UK, deciding to revisit my old primary school. It was a joy to present to 400 students, sharing insights into African Wildlife and Conservation.

Educating and influencing young minds about the importance of preserving delicate ecosystems and endangered species was an incredibly fulfilling opportunity. It allowed me to contribute to their awareness and understanding of crucial environmental issues.

For more on this subject, do explore my dedicated blog.

Presentation on African wildlife safari
Safari Press Feature - front page and insert

Remarkably, the presentation was featured by the same newspaper that spotlighted my work all those years ago.

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