Runway Framework

Runway is more than a framework, it’s a platform for making awesome WordPress themes. Designed to let you Instantly Generate New WordPress Themes, without coding. Use the Drag and Drop Options Builder to create custom theme options, and not just one. Add as many options pages as you need. You have full control over where your admin menus show to make them unique and intuitive.

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WordPress Child Theme Manager for Runway
WordPress Child Theme Manager for Runway

Child Theme Generator

A better tool for making better themes.

Simplify the task of creating themes with Runway’s admin tools. Instantly add, edit or duplicate a theme. Modify names, descriptions, folders, admin menus and more. Apply the latest Runway features to child themes, export as standalone themes and deploy to clients. Speed up development by letting Runway work for you.

Framework Independent for Standalone WordPress Themes
Framework Independent for Standalone WordPress Themes

Framework Independent

Distribute without the Runway framework.

Automatically compile your child theme into self-contained standalone versions, independent of the Runway framework. This allows you to distribute standard WordPress themes without the parent framework tagging along. With Runway you can develop themes that are easy to manage and simple to deploy.

Theme Options Builder Edit Screen
Theme Options Builder Edit Screen

Theme Options Builder

Easy to use, drag and drop control.

Custom theme option pages made the easy way. Forget hand-coding a pile of complex arrays. With Runway it’s simple, do it all with drag-and-drop, click-and-pick controls. Make unlimited admin pages, organize theme options into groups and tabs. Create custom input types for specialized functionality.

Extend and Enhance with Plugins and Extensions
Extend and Enhance with Plugins and Extensions

Extend and Enhance

Add powerful features in just seconds.

Runway has a modular structure and uses extensions to add functionality. A Runway extension is similar to a WordPress plugin that attaches directly to your theme. When you export the finished product the extensions become core theme features. Add advanced theme features with a single click.

Got questions about our tours?


How long have you been in business for?

With over three decades of expertise in the safari and photography industry, we are uniquely positioned to offer you an unparalleled safari experience, ensuring the finest photography opportunities available.

Do I have to be a professional photographer?

Our tours are open to everyone. Irrespective of your interest level or camera gear we guarantee you will improve your skills and have fun.

How often are your tours available?

Due to the rainy season and wildlife proximity, our group tours are scheduled Sept-March, June-August. Outside of these times, we create custom tours to meet individual needs.

Can I bring my non-photographer family and friends?

Our tours are designed for everyone to enjoy the safari experience. If traveling with someone you will not only save on your combined tickets but if there are three or more of you in your group you also have a dedicated vehicle and driver all to yourself.

Is it safe on safari?

The safari business has had over 100 years to perfect rules and regulations.  Drivers and companies are insured and receive formal training covering topics like how close they can get to animals, driving off-road, etc. For guests, there are restrictions concerning venturing out of vehicles and camps. Mostly it’s just common sense.

I am traveling alone on my first safari, what tour do you recommend?

We have many single guests coming on our small group tour. It will allow you space to enjoy your trip but also the opportunity to meet like-minded travelers and experience a safe, amazing adventure.

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