Elephants of Amboseli

Located near the Tanzania border in the shadow of Mt Kilmanjaro, Amboseli is one of the lesser known African game parks. It covers over 292 sq km  and has a vast ecosystem. It is home to some of the biggest and oldest Elephants in Africa, on past visits I’ve spotted well over a hundred..

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The key to travelling to the area is to carefully select your accommodation and the time you are travelling as the area suffers from long periods of dryness. If you get it wrong you could be left with having to hunt for herds when you could be sitting on your balcony watching countless groups go back and forth. Of course the dryness also makes it easier to spot smaller wildlife which is a positive.


I like to spend a day or two in the area. It’s truly amazing to watch the elephants interacting, you never know what will happen, perhaps a young one gets stuck in some mud or an adult sensors a lion and the herd goes into a defensive mode. I can watch these antics all day as something new and unpredictable is always going on.


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elephant exposure tours

Typically I use 80-200 and 400mm full frame. The mornings and afternoons obviously offer the best light. Noon can be good too if you want to capture some action around a watering hole and need lots of light to freeze things especially if you using a slow lens. If you’re positioning is right you can capture some dramatic video as well. As the elephants are so large you can play with various perspectives to achieve some interesting almost photoshop looking scenes.

giant elephants

Whatever you shoot with, once in a while you put down the camera and just take in the moment.

elephant exposure tours

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