Elephant Orphanage & Giraffe Center

Enjoy your first day with a visit to the Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe center.
After breakfast you will be collected from your hotel and visit the world renowned Sheldrick Animal Orphanage. Here you meet the animal carers who dedicate their time to rehabilitating and reintroducing animals to the wild.
The highlight of the orphanage is the large elephant population. During your visit, you will not only learn about them but also witness these majestic creatures socializing. Additionally, you can even watch them actively engage in playful games of football, adding an amusing twist to your experience. Moreover, this encounter promises to provide an educational and entertaining opportunity to connect with these remarkable animals. This initial sanctuary plays a pivotal role as the vital first stop for these young elephants on their incredible journey toward rehabilitation and eventual release back into the wild. Remarkably, the dedicated efforts of conservationists have led to the successful rescue, nurturing, and eventual release of over 300 young elephants into their natural habitats.

You have the opportunity to sponsor many of the animals and receive updates as to their care.

elephant running


Next we visit the giraffe center. A unique non-profit sanctuary provides a perfect location to learn about a variety of animals. A raised platform allows you to get face to face with the giraffe and even feed them. It is a wonderful experience for both adults and children.

In the afternoon we visit The Karen Blixen Museum. Famous for the Isak Denisen novel “Out of Africa”. The location houses items from the author’s past alongside those used by Robert Redford and Meryl Streep A perfect ending to the elephant orphanage and giraffe center day trip

giraffe feeding
Elephant Orphanage & Giraffe Center
elephants playing Elephant Orphanage & Giraffe Center
elephants playing in the mud. Elephant Orphanage & Giraffe Center
girl feeding a giraffe. Elephant Orphanage & Giraffe Center

You can add this one day tour to any safari we offer. Currently it is included in next tour dates

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