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At Exposure Tours we provide the ultimate photo safari experience. Our Director was born in East Africa and is now based in North America allowing for a unique insight into the best of both worlds. The Photographer designed photo safaris give you a trip of a lifetime while maintaining complete safely and presenting amazing photography opportunities. Often you can use a short range zoom, sometimes even a standard lens.

We have been in the business of combining Photography instruction with safaris for over 35 years. Long before other less personal companies introduced photo safaris on their platform.  This experience allows us to know exactly what photographers require, such as a clear 360 degree view. With us each seven-seater vehicle has just two pro photographers. The industry standard is three to four photographers per vehicle.

You receive a free predeparture virtual consultation to go over gear and other recommendations from our Award Winning Photographers. In the field you get 1:1 feedback and hands on training. Beyond wildlife we explore, star photography, landscapes and even IR photography. You can try out techniques from back button focus to motion tracking alongside working on composition ideas.

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Bryan Pereira

Africa / N. America / Europe
Director of Photography

Very few photographers have had such a vibrant and fast tracked career as Bryan. His first wildlife picture was published when he was just 16. Two years later while studying photography in the UK he received a commission to shoot a travel brochure in Kenya. Having left Nairobi when he was very young, the opportunity was a perfect way for him to get to know the country and its people.

The trip was such a success that he was approached by the Royal Photographic Society to be a guest speaker at a group event. A few years later he became the youngest Board Member in the group’s history.

His love of photography has taken him to many locations, from the early days of taking hundred of rolls of film to perfecting today’s digital workflow. When he’s not out shooting for clients he enjoys teaching students of all levels. A winner of over a dozen International awards, and numerous publications in North America, Europe and Asia he is also a stock photographer for National Geographic and provides fine art images to the corporate market.

At Exposure Tours Bryan brings a thorough understanding of what photographers want and a personal service to meet the needs of every client.

Bryan Pereira on safari 1985

Mara River Bank
Shooting with a Hasselblad. 1985

First photo safari 1985

Photo Safari
Pre-Departure @ Heathrow Airport 1985
Endorsements, Awards, etc

Educating both young and older minds about conservation and wildlife photography

The Kenya Safari Team 

Simon Ball

Africa / Europe
Tour Director, Luxury & Bespoke Safaris

As an ardent ornithologist with a passion for natural history and all things “wildlife”, Simon traveled the globe birding in his late teens visiting Africa, the Middle East and all over Europe.

Born in England, this passion led to more serious studies gaining a Hons Degree in Zoology with Ecology from London University at the end of the 70’s.

Following an advertising career in London, the constraints of the big city somewhat curtailed his travelling.

Jumping at the chance to relocate to Kenya in the mid 80’s this allowed him to combine his then professional career, with time to seriously explore Africa.

Gaining professional guide qualifications through the KPSGA, Simon followed his heart in leading many safari expeditions though Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda & Rwanda.

Mammalian behavior in East Africa has become a core aptitude within his repertoire.

Sharing these privileged bush experiences with many guests from overseas has continued with guiding wildlife safaris full time over the last 12 years in East Africa, whilst consulting with several of the premier bespoke safari companies on their future marketing strategies. At Exposure Tours Simon brings this expertise to our custom tours, on our home page you will see a video demonstrating the exceptional tours he provides.

Simon has been directly involved in supporting key conservation projects in Laikipia & the Mara to ensure that key habitats & their unique diverse fauna & flora will remain for generations ahead.

Habitats & experiences that have given him, his family, friends & safari guests so much pleasure to remember.

Got questions about our tours?


How long have you been in business for?

With over three decades of expertise in the safari and photography industry, we are uniquely positioned to offer you an unparalleled safari experience, ensuring the finest photography opportunities available.

Do I have to be a professional photographer?

Our tours are open to everyone. Irrespective of your interest level or camera gear we guarantee you will improve your skills and have fun.

How often are your tours available?

Due to the rainy season and wildlife proximity, our group tours are scheduled Sept-March, June-August. Outside of these times, we create custom tours to meet individual needs.

Can I bring my non-photographer family and friends?

Our tours are designed for everyone to enjoy the safari experience. If traveling with someone you will not only save on your combined tickets but if there are three or more of you in your group you also have a dedicated vehicle and driver all to yourself.

Is it safe on safari?

The safari business has had over 100 years to perfect rules and regulations.  Drivers and companies are insured and receive formal training covering topics like how close they can get to animals, driving off-road, etc. For guests, there are restrictions concerning venturing out of vehicles and camps. Mostly it’s just common sense.

I am traveling alone on my first safari, what tour do you recommend?

We have many single guests coming on our small group tour. It will allow you space to enjoy your trip but also the opportunity to meet like-minded travelers and experience a safe, amazing adventure.

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