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According to the Guinness Book of Records Kenya stands above all other countries when it comes to bird watching. It has held the record for the most species sighted in a 24 hr period (342) since 1986!

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Combined with outstanding wildlife it’s truly both a nature watcher and a birdwatchers paradise. On safari we come across many beautiful species such as the Crested Crane shown at the bottom of the page and everything from delicate hummingbirds to the Ostrich which can break a man’s limb with one kick. Vultures and Storks are common to see especially around kills a sample

African Wildlife Birds (12)

On our Mara tour we also stop by a flooded lake area providing guests with numerous amazing close up sightings. We typically take a boat through the wetlands getting close to Glebes, storks and spoonbills, it’s not uncommon to see five or six Kingfishers including the Giant African Kingfisher.


The highlight of this tour is watching the sea eagles at work. It’s quite a challenge to capture them flying in from a distance then diving down close to the boat. Typically a 200-400mm is good enough and used for all the shots on this page.

You might not have thought much about bird watching when booking your safari but when you are in the field you will see that capturing them is both a challenge and extremely rewarding.

Crested Crane Bird


martial eagle






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