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Masai Mara Photo Safari

Salt lick and Bunker Location

We don’t waste any time with getting you close to the action!
Our first safari destination offers amazing access to the wildlife via three large outdoor platforms (seated and standing), an indoor viewing lounge and an underground bunker!

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All viewing areas ares are accessible 24/7 so you never miss an opportunity.

The underground bunker has been custom built and extends beyond the camps perimeter. Measuring 15 feet wide by 10 feet with four 3ft wide slots the bunker can comfortably allow up to 6 photographers to work. In the center is a large padded table suitable for placing lenses and other gear.  The openings are at a 5ft height so placing a long lens directly on the sill or using a monopod makes the space very workable. This is one of the best locations for getting dramatic ground level shots safari vehicles do not provide. Expect to see elephants, buffalo, warthogs and antelope. If you get tired we even offer a notification service direct to your room should a leopard or rhino come to drink, just keep your camera ready and get the shot.

elephant ar 1 elephant at water hole
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To aid in night photography and viewing the waterhole is let by floodlight until just before sunrise. There is an indoor fireplace to warm you when you and let you relax with a hot drink.

Watering Hole Location

Our second destination almost guarantees rhino sightings both in the park and at the camp. Luxury tents surround a waterhole frequented by a wide variety of animals and within a few steps from your room. The location provides a perfect place to relax and watch nature and the action unfold.

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rhion ol3

To make sure your trip is unique we visit a ranger camp. Here you can get very close to the rhino for some exceptional shots.